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Our IT projects are increasingly focused on companies to achieve concrete and innovative IT tools able to:
- Create integration, interaction and collaboration process and
   between systems
- Manage and implement advanced marketing campaign based on
  su modelli di artificial intelligent using games
- monitor and controll of security (access control, logistic control,
  tracking and monitoring)   using biomethrics tools and
  instruments based on analysis model of behaviour and risk
- manage and develop new sales channels through tools
  e-commerce e mobile application
- optimize supply chain
- integrate operation end to end
- project management using tools such web collaboration, portal
  and web community management.

The SAP solution is now an IT product very "mature" not stopped, in fact, year after year the system is progressively changed over a normal evolution and its new architecture strongly service-oriented him towards the border of a solution more modular, on-demand service based. for this from the beginning we believed in SAP technology and the SOA tools that have become progressively column spine of the solution.
That's why our SAP organizational unit is configured into 3 areas :
- Selling
- Operations
- Finance
- Investment
- Product Lifecycle
- Procurement
- Supply Chain
- Human Capital
- Finance
Business Analytics
- Business Intelligence
- Data Warehouse
- Enteprise Analysis
- Performance Analysis
- Governance, Risk & Compliance
- Architecure & System
- System Integration
- Service Integration
- Mobility Application
- Data Computing
- Collaboration

Security is a crucial issue for companies.
Server virtualization, mobile applications, systems CPS, cloud services and applications collaboration and social networking have made ​​companies open to new vulnerabilities with the need to manage and implement new security models highly analytical and dynamic. Not only that, the technologies biometrics have opened the door to new safety systems integrated with intelligent software able to implement actions predictive and contingency without human support.
This is why we continue to invest within safety through specific projects of research and development with the partnership with company and universities.
Our organizational unit is divided into the following areas :
- Risk assessment e prevention
- Security IA Solutions
- Security IT Solutions
- Scada Security

- PCI Standard
- Privacy, Compliance e Policy
- Incident & Crisis Management
- Security Awareness.

The economy and the current business and global are first of all data, information. Never before have access to such information is become open. The challenge is to transform the data into information strategic or useful in achieving the economic objectives and financial company.

We can support you with methodologies, best practices and tools for analyze business data, interpret and transform them into indicators that indicate the true state of health of the company.
But not only that, because today it is crucial to interpret and analyze especially the social web, where the trends, expectations consumers, stakeholders can be detected with speed and immediacy.

For this we have a specific organizational unit that uses tools and instruments based on algorithms, analytics and function mathematical optimization and relies on the support of universities and research organizations.
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