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Mission & Vision

Managing a company is addressing the opportunities and solve problems before they originate in critical, certainly the risks they face are many and always in continuous evolution.

For us, the advice is mainly risk management and resolution problems for our customers by helping the companies to adapt to your change, minimizing the critical, and successfully exploiting the opportunities.

We can help in critical areas such as:

- the security of information systems and databases br /> - manage the risks associated with global change (legislation, compliance, IT)
- optimize and segregate your administrative processes (treasury, payments, accounts payable)
- optimize your procurement processes (quality time, cost, control, logistics)
- optimize your sales process (analysis marketing tool crm, social web management, e-commerce, billing 
  billing, logistic)
- analyze and better understand the numbers and indicators your company's business (management control, business
  intelligence, report , cockpit)


Innovation is the creation and vision in advance of the change, new needs, for us, is focused both processes and technology is essential to the grow their business. For this reason, we encourage the research and generation of new ideas, taking advantage of the talent and and creativity of our professionals.

Here are some examples of innovation initiatives
- Development of advanced applications:
     Man-machine interaction
     Artificial Intelligence artificiale
- Computer security
- Physical security
- Data analysis
- E-healt and biometric
- Energy management
- Participation in projects co-business innovation.
- Participation in financing projects.
- Participation in major international consortia.
- Creation of businesses and national partnerships and international.

The IT investment must represent a value added for the company and this is only possible using the best skills to achieve real innovation. We put forward our deep technical expertise and business, and we can support you in all the activities of design and  implementation of IT systems and processes IT.

Our main services:
- Implementation of software packages the company,
  with focus to Finance, Supply Chain, CRM,
  e-Commerce, Finance.
- IT sourcing e outsourcing and infrascture
  and application optimization .
- Implementation ERP (SAP, Oracle, Etc)
- project and implementation of internal controls and procedure 
  about information secutiry , applications, networks and
  software .
- project and implementation of innovative solutions about
  mobile technology, social media and cloud computing .
- project and implementation of e-health systems
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