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NetInsight, founded in 2004, offers consulting and innovative services and its goal is to help clients transform their organizations and their processes through technology and innovation. We work with companies all over the world, in every sector, public and private, and of all sizes, from small businesses to large corporations. Our differential value derived from ongoing investments in research and innovation and the support of consultants and highly skilled technicians. Our people are the strong point of the company's modus operandi. All areas take advantage of in-house experts who have perfected through years of work, a high-profile professional ll'azienda transferring the know-how. Our key factors are the results orientation through a pragmatic approach with innovative solutions, consistent skills and experience or evidence

From the experiences have been developed specific solutions for market sectors. Among these, those having most important relate to:

- Accounti e Controlling
- Public Sector and Government
- Manifacturing
- Food and Beverage
- Healthcare/Sanità
- Research and Development
- Security and Defense
- Retail
 SAP Solutions
 Business Intelligence
 Marketing Analysis
 Web Design
 Open Source
 System Integration
 Process Improvement
 Change Management
 Organization Management
 Project Management
 Outsourcing, Delocalization
 Document Management
 Energy Management
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